Zero out your money

This strategy works wonders for me. Imagine you will have invisible money in your budget.

This strategy works toe to toe with a budget app. If you don’t record your spending, you will always spend what is left most of the time.

You can check out my post top 3 budgeting apps and you can use it in tracking your expenses.

Okay. Let’s start with how it works.

How it works

Basically, you will need to zero out the money you spend each time.

It works like this.

Example 1: you bought a bread worth 5 pesos. In your budget app, it will reflect as 10 pesos.

Example 2: you bought a meal worth 97 pesos. In your budget app, it will reflect as 100 pesos.

You will always have a spare change each time you buy and end up with an odd number.

Of course, each day you should check your wallet and budgeting app balance. Everything that exceeds your budgeting app balance is your invisible savings.

Save it and keep it in a safe place. You will be amazed just like I do when you open it up after a year. A few thousand show up when I count mine. I’m expecting the same will happen to you too.

Now, that you understand how it works. Do you see the potential savings you can save?

See the potential

The money you can save varies each time you spend. The money I save becomes my pamasko to inaanak budget and those pamangkin na susulpot nalang.

That invisible money you save can be used in anything that you see fit. It can be additional investment money, additional money for travel and more.

You decide you are in control of your finances.

Final note

I use this strategy ever since I started budgeting my money. Planning where your money should go gives you a lot of options.

Being aware of where my money goes gives me the necessary data that shows where can I improve my finances.

If you are not budgeting yet, I suggest you start now. You can check my post about budgeting here.

It works wonders for me, it should work wonders for you too.

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