Your expenses reflect your priorities

This post is created for you, to show you and expose you where your priority lies.

Have you ever wonder why saving money is hard for some people and easy for others?

Why your friend is not paying you back the borrowed money they owed you yet? There are people who cannot pay and currently facing tough times. I am not talking about them, I am talking about your friend who has the capability to pay but still not paying you yet. (Yung pagnakita ka umiiwas, yung pagnagchat ka naseen zone kana.)


This is a matter of priority. Saving money and paying off debt is a matter of priority. What is your priority? What comes first in your to-do list?

Saving money without a goal is hard, even if you do save you will likely spend it in the event you see something you like to buy.

Before you start saving money you should have a goal in mind. That way every time your mind wondered to buy things you like with the money saved for a specific goal you will think it twice.

Paying off debt is hard, most especially when you prioritize other things. Rather than paying up a portion of your debt, you bought things that you like instead.


What is your goal?

Is it saving money? Paying off debt? Or spending your money?

Your average Filipino only focus on spending money after they got their salary.

“Average people have wishes and hopes. Confident people have goals and plans.”


Expense tracking

Start tracking your expenses, it can be via pen and paper, excel worksheet, android expense tracker.

Your expenses will show you where your priority lies.

Tracking your expenses will show you the necessary data that shows your spending habits.

Start tracking your expenses now and don’t become average.

Final note

When I was a kid, I believe that being average is the right thing to do but as I grew up I realized it’s the opposite.

The average doesn’t have savings, the average has a lot of debt, the average only has hopes and dreaming but doing nothing to attain it.

Don’t become average, life has many things stored for you to explore.

I should have savings, I should have investments, I should have goals and plans everything should be accounted for. That way, I can enjoy life with the people I love more.

Think of this, if money is not an issue would you have more time to experience what life has to offer?

I believe yes, that’s why I am not going to be part of the average anymore.

How about you? Are you satisfied being average? No savings, has a lot of debt, no goals, and plans for the future?

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