Where my sahod goes

Have you ever wondered where your money goes? Losing your hard-earned money without you noticing?

At sasabihin mo nalang sa sarili mo na…

Ay wala na pala akong pera.

Relate ka ba?

Are you experiencing this kind of problem? Well just like you I’ve been there and it’s not a pleasant feeling.

As it happens time and time again, It got me wondering Where does my money go?

As I think it over. Aha! An idea popped up.

The idea

If I have a way to record my income and expenses easily, I can track where the heck I spent my money on. As I look for ways on how can I track my income and expenses, I discover and use some money managing apps.

Money Managing Apps do helps a lot, giving necessary data on your spending habits. My data shown me that I am spending too much on food, who doesn’t love to eat anyway? I’m overspending on food.

Buying snack, soft drinks, eating outside, even the food that I bought in small chunks. “tingi-tingi” a day cause overspending on my part without me knowing.

Buying one bottle of soft drink a day costs 10 pesos. In 30 days that’s already 300 pesos. In a year that’s already 3,600 pesos spent.

Buying a set of Snacks a day costs 30 pesos. In 30 days that’s already 900 pesos. Within 1 year that’s already 10, 800 pesos spent.

Eating outside costs 240 pesos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In 30 days, that’s already 7,200 pesos. In 1 year, that’s already 86,400 spent.

All in all, In food alone it costs 100,800 pesos a year.

There’s also other things to pay for like transportation, groceries, water bill, electric bill and more.

Just saying… Hello Sahod Good bye to our hard-earned money.

Final note

It’s not gonna work if you continue to be a spender. If you spent and spent and spent. Nothing is left.Learn to budget! Learn to handle your finances. Create your Emergency Fund.

What will happen to your family if you got nothing left?

If you are working right now and suddenly your boss fired you. How prepared are you?

Does borrowing your only option?

You’ve got to save. Save money in case an emergency arises.

You will never know when you will need money in times of crisis.

You might lose your job today, you or your loved one’s might be sick today, and any unforeseen event may come tomorrow.

Expect the unexpected. Be ready. Start saving money now build your emergency fund.

I hope you enjoy and find this article helpful. Comment below and share this article with your loved ones.

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