Top 3 personal finance apps

Why should you keep track of your finances?

If you, unknowingly losing your hard-earned money, tracking your finances is a must!

It will show you, where your spending habits lie.

It will show you, how much money is left.

It will show you, how much savings you have (if there’s any).

It will show you. How much money you owe or borrowed.

Provided you are recording your transactions each day.

Recording your daily income and expenses is a daunting task, especially when you are starting on recording your daily transaction.

There might be a time that you would forget to record some of your transactions and it’s fine, everybody does that.

It might a headache tallying your money at hand and the cash balance on hand in the app, but believe me, it’s worth massive in the long run.

For you will know where your money goes, and see where you can cut off some unnecessary spending.

Awareness in what you do will give you clarity in your decision-making.

Here they are my top 3 recommended budgeting apps

Money lover

Money Lover is an all-in-one freemium toolkit that allows you to track your cash on hand and bank accounts, create a budget, view infographic breakdowns of your spending and more. The free features already cover most of your basics, from entering expenses and building budgets to viewing and tracking your spending habits. With in-app purchases or a premium subscription, you get extra features, like unlimited account, you’re also able to link your accounts to the app, saving you from manually tracking your bank account and related expenses.

I personally used Money lover in tracking my income and expenses, having a web version is a plus for me.


Intuit’s Mint Personal Finance not only helps you track your income and expenses but also your financial state as a whole. Besides allowing for in-depth personal budget management and expense logging, the Mint app lets you sync your bank and card details for an up-to-date and secure look at your financial state. It’s overkill if all you’re looking for is a little help with simple budgeting, but Mint Personal Finance is great if you’re looking for more features.

Spending tracker

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user-friendly expense manager app in the store. The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY.

Final note

It doesn’t matter what apps you use. Just start recording your daily income and expenses and you’ll see where your money goes, it would be better if you regularly check your income and expenses report.

Lookout, if you are spending more than what you earn.

If you are spending more than what you earn, learn to budget.

Check out my budgeting tips for you here.

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