The secret of the rich – investing

Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? What is the difference? I found the simple truth, the rich make money work for them. They invest their money into different platforms, investment vehicle that makes them rich over time.

On the other hand, common Filipino’s spend our hard-earned money all the time. We are focus on entertainment, things that make us happy. Following the latest trends, new phone, new laptop, fashionable clothes, expensive food and a lot more.

From the time I discovered this truth, my mind opens up a possibility that I too can be rich in due time.

INVESTING, as others say, is the secret of the rich.

The more investment you have, the more money working hard for you.

Now, we are aware of the secret of the rich. How can build our own wealth?

We can build our own wealth by…

Saving money

“Savings, remember, is the prerequisite of investment.”

Campbell McConnell

You can only spend the money you save and these savings of yours can be invested in different platforms, financial vehicles that can make your money grow and beat inflation.

One common hindrance wall on saving is not to have something to save at all.

They would argue the difficulty of saving reasoning that their income is even not enough for their daily needs.

Here comes the useful advice of T Harv Eker in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

He suggests practicing the act of saving, even if it entails a very small amount, whether 100 pesos, or 50, or 10. Or even a centavo.

The point is the solidification of the habit, continuously training your mind and character.

As one author says, we are all creature of habits, which are a thousand more powerful than our thoughts.

So focus on the habit and just increase the amount you save once your income increases. Blessings will then rain on anyone prepared!

You need to learn to…

Pay yourself first

You can only build wealth if you learn to pay yourself first, i.e. save some of your income. You pay others for goods and services all the time. Learn to pay yourself before you pay others.

Common Filipino’s savings formula;


With this kind of savings formula, saving money is not guaranteed. Most of the time there is little to no savings left in your income. What would you expect? Savings money is not the priority that’s why.

Wise Filipino’s savings formula;


With the second equation, you adjust your lifestyle to what’s left after deducting your own fair share of your income, unlike with the first set-up that practically leaves a diligently working man nothing to save because of his uncontrolled expenses.

Religious and Wise Filipino saving’s formula;


With the third equation, giving back or sharing god’s blessing comes first before paying yourself first.

The dream

Be honest with me, what are your dreams? Can you see yourself capable of achieving that dream?

Most of us, stop pursuing our dreams because our dreams seem to be unreachable. Some try and failed and stop trying.

I have a dream, this dream is inspired by the lifestyle of the book millionaire next door. A millionaire who doesn’t look like a one. Living an average life but earning a lot of cash, earning as much as 200,000 pesos per month. That’s one heck of a dream income for sure. My current income is not even 10% of my dream income.

When I reach this income, one thing is for sure. My future is clearly taken care of. Even my grandchild would surely be willing to be me with that time.

If you are earning 200,000 pesos per month. What would you do?

Final note

Money plus time equals profit. Money invested in financial vehicles will surely generate profits in due time. These money machines that are working for us will sustain our future lifestyle.

I encourage you. Yes, you.

The one reading my blog to make your first steps toward achieving your own financial goals.

We, Ordinary people whose starting small will be big time in due time.

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