The hunger for change

Have a desire to change the way you live? Quit smoking or quit alcohol for good? A desire to stop your bad habit. But to no avail, you keep doing it over and over again.

As frustrating as it can get, this bad habit always comes back at you.

Changing this habit is not impossible, it will be hard. Yes. But, you are capable of changing it.

First, you’ve got to understand that we are ruled by our subconscious mind. 96-98% of what we do in fact.

Just to prove it to you, I want to challenge you and memorize this number in 20 seconds.


Did you get it right? I believe you don’t. Because this is a hard challenge to do so.

You see, the number 09186157452 is my mother’s first-ever cellphone number I’ve memories from way back my first-year-high school and the number 07101964 is her birthday.

If you challenged me in the same manner with the number hardwired in you, I too would feel overwhelmed and I would’ve got it wrong.

Same goes with our bad habits, it has been hardwired in our subconscious mind.

Decision vs beliefs

Decision comes from our conscious mind, beliefs comes from our unconscious mind.

Bo Sanchez

We often decide to change our bad habits, and end up getting back at them because the change we desire comes from our conscious mind.

Our bad habits can be changed upon shifting our focus and knowing our emotional why.

How do i know my emotional why and change my focus

For a quick background, I love eating. I spend my hard-earned money mostly on food. Because of that, I have little to none savings at hand. Not really caring about tomorrow, that’s the life I used to have.

Way back November 2018, my long time girlfriend confronted me. Asking probing questions like: do you really want to marry me? I don’t think you do. You don’t have any save up money for our wedding.

How would we take care of our well-being after our wedding? And the list of probing questions goes on and on.

That moment has been my wake up call. My life has to change. I start to save up money, budget money and take charge of my finances.

From a guy, who bought a lot of food outside to a guy who buys groceries and has cooked meals just to save money.

My emotional why has been the hurtful words that hit my ego. My focus shift from spending to saving because of my eager desire to prove that I really want to marry her.

Final note

The reason for the change you want may come from the people you love. A change with emotions attached will surely stick.

I am living proof of it 😆.

Find your emotional why and change your focus.

If I can do it, you can too.

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