Manage your money

Top 3 personal finance apps

Why should you keep track of your finances? If you, unknowingly losing your hard-earned money, tracking your finances is a must! It will show you, where your spending habits lie. It will show you, how much money is left. It will show you, how much savings you have (if there’s any). It will show you….


Life is like a race

Everybody has a goal. Sadly not all goal is achieved. Most runners stop after an initial head start over the other and lose energy halfway. The story of the turtle and the hare Whereas the hare has a head start and got tired halfway, on the other hand, the turtle starts slow and finishes the…

Manage your money / Mindset / Realizations

Getting started building up your emergency fund

Do you want to get your finances in order? You want to invest and make your money grow?Stop right there. You’re heading to a financial disaster upon starting your investment without building up your emergency fund first. Consider this, What would happen to your investment if you suddenly lost your job?Most likely you would pull…

Manage your money / Realizations

Where my sahod goes

Have you ever wondered where your money goes? Losing your hard-earned money without you noticing? At sasabihin mo nalang sa sarili mo na… Ay wala na pala akong pera. Relate ka ba? Are you experiencing this kind of problem? Well just like you I’ve been there and it’s not a pleasant feeling. As it happens…