My story of searching passive income

Do you know what is passive income? It is the money going into your pocket with little to no work on your part.

Do you want money that keeps flowing in your pocket? I believe you do, but can we really have such income?

In my search for the answer. I read a lot of books, listen to tons of audiobooks, watch a lot of videos regarding passive income.

I found out that there are tons of possible ways you can generate passive income and you might hear some of them.

I cover some of them and here they are…

Real estate

You can have passive income in real estate through your tenant paying you rent.

As if you are having a salary each month without you working for it. But, how much money you will need just to have one rental property anyway?

It can be a hundred thousand to millions of pesos depending on what type of property you are getting. Can you generate that much capital?

It is clear as day for me, I don’t have such capital I can use, and I am not willing to go into debt by financing or taking a loan to a bank for a rental property that I don’t understand how to make it work.

I lack knowledge on how to manage real estate property and I still need to work on my day job. I believe, Real estate investing and my day job will have a time conflict that’s why I did not pursue it.

Instead, I look for alternatives and here they are…

Network marketing

Do you know that you can have passive income in network marketing or direct selling?

It takes hard work and dedication to build a team that will make you passive income though. Many Filipinos tried and failed. There are only handful of people who succeed in this type of business.

I’ve been in this kind of business, and I am part of those who fail. It’s my fault because I invest in a business that I don’t really understand.

Notes to remember: Do not invest in anything you don’t understand.

Coop investing

This type of investment gives me annual dividend on the money I invest worth 24,000 pesos. The coop I’m talking about is our company’s cooperative.

In our company cooperative, you can only have a maximum of 2 accounts that requires the member to pay 4,000 pesos for the first two months and 2,000 pesos for the next 8 months. This money is directly deducted in our salary.

In the first week of November the money I invested is returned with the dividend it incurred.

Cooperative investing open up my idea of dividend investing in stock market.

If you don’t see my post about dividend investing you can check it out here.


Investing in stock is risky for most people because they lack the knowledge on how to make it work, and they don’t have an investing strategy to follow.

We all have different risk appetite and whatever working for me does not mean will work for you.

I focus on stock that has a capability to pay me more dividend annually and semi-annually.

I only invest money that I can lose on certain stock. The game is not over until that company are still working, the return of my money in that company will take a long time to recover. So what, invest anyway I am also in it for a long time.

Diversify your portfolio to different industry so that your risk of losing is lessened.

Speaking of diversification mutual fund is a great tool to use in diversifying your investment.

Mutual fund

Mutual fund is a well diversified investment, a pool of funds by different individuals or entities managed and invested in different industries by a professional fund manager.

I invest in a mutual fund that gives a dividend annually too.

Final note

Investing to have a passive income is the main concept of my strategy. I want to have an income replacement in absence of my capability to work for money.

One day, we will all retire and money will surely stop to flow in your pocket. Do you have a way to make money work for you instead?

Hope this post make you think on the possibility that your money can also work for you.

Comment below your thoughts. I would like to know them 😃.

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