My mother dies she teaches us a lesson i would never forget

During childhood, my mother always says: son, we don’t have anything you can inherit. Just be a good boy and study that is the only thing we could offer.

We live our lives in lack and scarcity. We just have it a little better than most families around us. We eat 3 times a day. My parents always do what they can just to bring food at the table. Even borrowing money just to meet our needs.

My mother works as a librarian assistant, she goes to work while we’re asleep, and she came back at night while we sleep. On the other hand, my father is always out early in the morning to tend his rice farm.

They both do their best just to provide our needs. I salute you both, and I am blessed to be your son.

Time flies so fast

We are now getting older, so as my parents. My mother who lives her life for us is now suffering from complications of diabetes and the side effect of the medication she intakes to cure diabetes.

Her lively body started to deteriorate with old age. Even when she’s in pain she never shows us. She’s a strong woman.

When I am at home, she always asked me to massage her for she cannot have a good sleep due to her aching body. Her muscles get so hard, and she’s having a hard time moving around. She’s experiencing a shortage of breathing in every little move she did.

This strong woman even pleads to god: Lord if you wouldn’t heal me, please take me with you.

It was a saddening statement to be heard. God, answered her plead and now she is with god. At least she wouldn’t have to suffer anymore.

In memories of my loving mother

I am sorry for not being there when you need the most. I am sorry for not having more time to spend with you. I am sorry for always away most of the time.

Thank you for your love, thank you for everything you have done for us. We love you very much.

If only we’re not living in lack and scarcity, we could always be together and spend quality time with you. I promised myself, I will stop living in lack and scarcity. Building a family that will live in prosperity.

A lesson to remember

Don’t waste your time. If your parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren are still there near you. Take your time and spend it will them. You will never know if today is their last day on earth.

You’ll miss those you’ve lost. When you still have them, you are taking them for granted. But once they’re no more, you’ll regret not spending much time with them.

Cherish every moment. You still have time. Please, spend it with them.

Teaching that lasts

My mother lives in a family who believes that girls should only be a housewife. She doesn’t want to be one and against all odds she did not become one until sickness hit her.

She taught us, it’s either you go with the flow or you opposite it. Do what makes you happy. Live the way you want.

We were shaped by our environment, we either follow what we see and hear or do the opposite.

Despite her sickness, she thinks ahead of time. She doesn’t want to implicate her family to headaches after she died.

Would you believe, after she died my father received almost 100,000 pesos, it was a combination of SSS funeral and MRI Card Bank giving back something like insurance.

Before my mother died she said to my father. You wouldn’t worry anymore about my funeral cost, it’s paid already. Your son, get me a St. Peter life plan and you will have money after I left you.

Final note

I believe my mother plans it out, she doesn’t want us to suffer more. It is more hurtful to have your loved one die with a liability attached.

If that was me, I’ll surely be ready. Like what my mother did.

Remember, you still have time. Spend time with the people you love. You will never know when would they leave.

Better be ready for the unexpected while having a good time with your family.

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