My goal setting for 2020

New year has passed, do you have your New Year’s resolution done? What happens to your 2019 new year’s resolution?

Is it, good or bad?

Are you one of those people who say “magiipon nako simula bukas”, “hindi nako malalate simula bukas, “magdidiet nako promise” and the like.

Most of the people decide to start the new year strong, yet failed at the end. But, why?

They cannot pass their turning point level. Having a hard time adjusting in the new habit they set themselves in to.

Like, trying not to be late at work again. Still after a week or two, here you are again, late.

Starting my blog story

I started my blog last year on February 28, 2019. I enjoy building it up. Just trying things out one after another. I’ve been stuck in content creation.

Creating content seems so hard, you see, I am not really a writer. Not good at speaking English and just having little interest in writing articles now. Mind you, I don’t like essays and writing my thoughts way back in my school days.

I believe, our personal experience and knowledge about things that can give value to other people should be shared. And I’m doing it now. 😊

Last March 2019, As I try to make content for my blog, my mother died. My mother has been ill for a few years before she left us. After her death, I lost interest in blogging.

Starting over again, last November my interest in blogging is on again. Yet, as December starts my interest goes down with it.

I learn my lesson by now. These thing does happen without proper actionable steps and follow-through in place.

Well, it’s so hard to start begin with and even when you do, it’s so hard to do it again. That is my setup before. Nowadays, I say: you did once you can do it again.

My goal

A goal should start with an end in mind with a specific date of its completion. If there’s no specific date in it, that’s a dream.

Here are my goals for the year 2020

Goal #1. Have a Net worth of Php 100,000 investment in preparing for my retirement days.

I know, some people might say it is too early to plan for retirement and I agree. But It is better to start when I don’t have a lot of obligations that stopping me from starting.

Goal #2. Save up more of my emergency fund

Emergency fund derived from its name emergency, getting ready in case something does happen in the near future you are ready without damaging your budget at the least.

Goal #3. Save Php 20,000 for investing in new cattle

Cattle investing is investment korina and I choose to fund our upcoming wedding. You can check my post and know if cattle investing will also work for you here.

Goal #4. Invest in kaiser long term health care

I’m scared to outlive my savings and investment when I go old. I don’t want to be at other people’s mercy when I do live too long. Preparing for old age is a wise choice. Many people failed to do so, don’t be like them. Plan Ahead for your future.

I believe we will grow old and as we grow older sickness do-follow. More and more people are now practical as they think ahead and plan for the possibility of getting sick is high when they’re old. If you are interested to know how can you protect yourself against sickness. You can check my post about Kaiser health care here.

Goal #5 Invest in Manila banker’s Life most 18 life insurance

Some people die unexpectedly, dying too soon. I know this is not a nice topic to talk about, yet important. Leaving them with debt to pay? No way, I should leave them with money protection instead. It is more painful losing your loved ones with a debt attached. They should live after I die with the money they have for a few year’s time.

Life Insurance is legacy insurance, you still provide for your family for a few years more even when God meets you. You can check my post about MB Life Most 18 here.

Goal #6. Post a blog post every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I have time to write from the days not stated above.

Again, I’m not that good at writing and building up a set of blog posts ahead at least a month is necessary for automating my blog for my readers.

Goal #7. Read 20 books this year

Reading a book makes you more knowledgeable. “I believe the more you know, the more you earn”. Absorb the knowledge as you used it for your own advantage. Improve your life for the better.

Additional Goal.

Have more extra income and giving back 10% of my first fruit to tithing wallet (helping hand wallet)

The more money this wallet has, It means more money I can give back to God’s People. Whether through the church, charity or giving it to people in need.

Save more for my pay yourself first wallet (budget for making my self grow)

The more money this wallet has, the more budget can be used in making my self grow.

You see, it is better to have a timetable for your goal, seeing your progress in every area of your goals will show you indicators whether you are doing good or bad in any aspect of your goals.

Final note

I did well last year, it will be even better this year. Compare your life today to the last year you. That should be your basis for improvement, not other people who do better than you.

If you want to kill something valuable, compare it.

Did you do good last year? Did you improve? Comment yes if you do. It will be even better if you could share your improvement story. 😊

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