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Mb life most 18 multiple option super term life insurance

I’m an active member of IMG since August 2019. If you’re not familiar with IMG, it stands for International Marketing Group. And they’re a Philippine-based global company whose mission is promote financial literacy among Filipino families.

Furthermore, IMG is also a financial distribution company. They are partnered with many institutions and runs a financial center for its members, where they can get different products and services at a huge discount.

These products include health insurance, mutual funds, life insurance, and many other financial products and lifestyle services.

I am now presenting you, A product tailored for every Filipino’s Interest.

Mb life most 18

MB Life MOST 18 is a term life insurance product with PDF or Premium Deposit Fund. MOST stands for Multiple Option Super Term and it’s a life insurance product that covers you for 18 years, thus the name MOST 18.

It’s a product by Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation and launched in partnership with IMG to provide Filipino families with an affordable, flexible, renewable term life insurance with a zero-risk savings and investment component.

What exactly is mblife most 18?

It is a term insurance product with 18 years coverage.

Life insurance provides financial protection for your family. And among the many types of life insurance out there, term insurance is the most affordable.

How affordable is it? For a 30-year-old, the annual premium would only be P5,710 for a P1 million coverage. Again, you only have to pay P5,710 per year + P6,000 pesos PDF for the first year (your PDF will serve as your buffer in case you missed paying next year + 1 time Policy fee of P500 (not per month, not per quarter) and you’re already insured for P1 million.

It has an optional savings and investment component.

What makes MB Life MOST 18 unique is that you can choose to pay more than your annual premium. And the excess cash that you pay will go to a PDF or Premium Deposit Fund.

The PDF is like a savings account. You can put more money there anytime you want. And you can also withdraw your money from it any time you need it.

But better than a savings account, the amount in your PDF can also earn additional cash for you because the company can invest it for you.

In case you want to understand it better. Please watch this video.


1. Affordable. It’s a term life insurance. The most affordable type of life insurance.

2. Higher Fund Value. PDF allows higher growth of return.

3. Premium Flexibility. Settle your contributions on a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

4. Withdrawal Advantage. Withdraw anytime without penalty.

5. Level Coverage Risk. Your savings is always added to your coverage (death benefit).

6. Emergency Fund Advantage. You already have savings in the first year.

7. Alternative Investment Flexibility. You are free to decide where to invest the difference.

8. Early Maturity. Maturity after 5/10/15/18 years.

9. Issue Age is 5 yo to 60 yo. Insure yourself and your whole family.

10. Address Various Financial Needs. Can be used for retirement, pension, education, travel, etc.

11. Convertible to Permanent Insurance. You have an option to a permanent policy.

12. Low Chance of Lapsation. Premiums may be settled from your PDF/investment earnings.

Final note

MB Life Most 18 is one of many financial instrument you can access with the help of IMG, the best investment you can make is to make yourself grow in knowledge and the same time you build your financial foundation.

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