Life is like a race

Everybody has a goal.

Sadly not all goal is achieved. Most runners stop after an initial head start over the other and lose energy halfway.

The story of the turtle and the hare

Whereas the hare has a head start and got tired halfway, on the other hand, the turtle starts slow and finishes the race with slow and consistent steps.

In this story, we learn that Consistency is the key. Keep moving forward. One step at a time gets you closer to your goal.

Don’t lose track of your goals, it takes a lot of time, a lot of practice, a lot of failures, a lot of rejections and more. Just enjoy the journey.

Your journey is the most enjoyable part of life of your life, it’s turn and twist. The sadness, the happiness, the joy it brings. Those feelings, memories are priceless.

If you are experiencing everything. Great. YOU ARE ALIVE!

All the trial and the struggle you take, all the problem you solve, all the things you’ve overcome. All of these are priceless.

A blind man wishes to see the world. You see the wonders of the world. Be thankful, what you see is priceless.

A limbless man wishes to walk. You walk as soon as you learn to stand. Be thankful, you can walk, walking is the dream of those who can’t walk.

A hearing-impaired man wishes to hear all the noise, sadly he can’t. You can hear from the time you are born. Be thankful, you can hear, hearing is the dream of those who can’t hear anything in spite of the noise all over the world. You have something that other people do not. Be thankful for what you have. You are blessed the way you are.

Use what you have and achieve your goals slowly but surely. Expect to fail a lot of times. Learn to fail tiny and don’t exhaust your reserves.

Final note

Learn to manage your stuff, all there is in you can use. Be it money, manage it. Be it people, manage it. Be it risk, manage it. Manage everything you can control.

Because you are in Control!

You control your life, you are entitled to your own failures and success.
You are in charge of everything you do.

You are the one who will make and hit your goals.

Plan it, start it and finish it. Like the turtle. Start now and reach the goal. Start taking one step at a time, consistently one step at a time. Reach the goal and finish the race the way you should be.

Your race can only be won by you! No one else but you!

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