How to overcome your money problems

Your money beliefs and your behavior concerning money are making you poor. Fixing your beliefs and your behavior concerning money will fix your money issues in due time.

Most of us think that having more money and becoming rich is a sin, being rich means you’re a bad and greedy person. If it’s true, then why there are rich individuals that helps less fortunate Filipinos especially right now when COVID-19 is looming around us.

Having a lot of money and becoming rich does not necessarily mean you are evil, it depends on person to person. Do you agree?

If you become rich one day, would you use your money for the common good? If yes, why not start now and build up your wealth? You can only give what you have and the more you have the more you can give.

“Wealth is not about having a lot of money; it’s about having a lot of options.”

Chris Rock

Your beliefs and behavior toward money are limiting your options in achieving financial independence. You can give more to the less fortunate Filipino’s once you have achieved your financial independence. The blessings you have is overflowing, you have abundance in your life and you are giving it to the needy.

Your current mindset are stopping you from achieving abundance in your life. Why not change it today?

Here are some money beliefs and money behavior that makes you poorer.

Money beliefs that makes you poorer

Get-rich-quick mindset

Many Filipino’s falls into this trap. They want to be rich, and they want to have it ASAP, As a result, they tend to fall into trap of scammers and swindlers offering them high returns of their investment.

Forget the get-rich-quick mindset. Be patient, committed and focus working on your financial goals is the way you should be. This game is not a sprinting game, it’s a marathon. Be informed. Be financially literate. These are sure ways to achieve financial freedom.

I came from a poor family

Your poor background doesn’t really mean you will be poor all your life.

“If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake”

Bill Gates

There’s a lot of rags-to-riches stories, and you’ll never know your story might be the next one. You need information and with the right strategy that works, you’ll reach your financial independence soon.

I can’t go to heaven if i have more money

Having more money is contradicting to what the bible or religion says. Many religions preach that having more money will stop you from getting to heaven.

Money is just a tool. A tool to help and inspire others. Use it that way and for sure you’ll be saved.

More money more problems

More money, more problems? I beg to disagree. More money means you’re providing value and solving other people’s problems through your way.

Having more money requires financial intelligence to keep and manage them properly. Be financially educated.

They’re just lucky

Luck is one of the many money beliefs that could stop you from being rich. Smart and working hard people get more luck. What does it mean? The more you do your craft the more opportunity can come in.

Work hard and work smart! You have control in your life, luck will come in you in God’s time.

Yolo (you only live once)

Millennials have this kind of mindset that you only live once why not do all things you can do today? Sure thing that’s true. But keeping that mindset and applying it without due diligence, without planning and without carefully balancing your decision will surely cripple your way to success.

Why? Because thinking like YOLO is not smart. You need to have plans, goals and careful decision in life to get better opportunities.

Don’t just let life happen, make the life you want to happen!

I don’t have money

The mindset of “I don’t have money” has a big impact on our lives. That’s a negative affirmation that pushes our subconscious mind not to have money. Why? Because we affirm to ourselves that we don’t have money.

Be positive. If opportunity knocks and you don’t have money at that moment, be resourceful. Find ways. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

It takes money to make money

Creating money doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have money. An idea can become a million of dollar if properly executed and offered to the right people without spending any single dime. That’s true. It’s not the money that creates money, it’s the mind!

Remember that ideas, creativeness, guts, and skills make money even without spending a dime.

Investing is only for the rich

Many Filipino thought that investing is only for the rich. They don’t allow themselves to discover new opportunities to grow their money because they have their fixed mindset that they cannot invest or start a business. 100% not true. Anyone can invest!

The best investment you can have is yourself, be hungry in knowledge. What you know will bring money in your pocket. Feed your hungry mind the necessary information you need to level up your financial life. Anyone can invest. And investing in yourself is the best thing to start.

Heck, right now you can even start investing in stocks, Mutual Fund, and UITF for only 5,000 pesos. Everyone just has to be aware. Anyone can invest. Anyone can become rich!

Becoming ofw is the answer

This Filipino money belief is burned deep in our culture. Many Pinoys think that the only answer to poverty is going abroad and working as an OFW.

Completely Wrong!

There are so many ways you can have a better life here in the Philippines without leaving your family and without sacrificing being away with them. You just need to find ways and become resourceful.

Try to stay here as much as you can. If salary is the issue, invest in yourself and learn new skills to increase your value. If you want to earn dollars, learn how to freelance or work online. All these things are possible now because of the internet.

You can even look for ways to have passive income. Make your money works for you.

This is our destiny

Thinking that where you are right now will be forever is a big mistake especially in financial terms.

No matter how poor, how hard or how-whatever it is, there is always a way.

Remember that your past doesn’t dictate your future. It is what you think and does today that will shape your tomorrow.

And remember this – you create your own destiny.

Behavior towards money that makes you poorer

Bahala na si batman

This expression pertains to Filipinos’ belief that the future will take care of itself—represented by the superhero character Batman who will fly down to save the day. Instead of saving for the future, Filipinos would rather deal with a situation as it happens.

When emergencies like job loss, family sickness, or death happens, that’s the only time that some Filipinos will start raising funds to cover expenses. Unfortunately, the most common and easiest recourse for many Pinoys is to borrow money from loan sharks at high-interest rates.

The problem doesn’t end at this point. Paying off loans can leave Filipinos penniless, so they are often forced to take out another loan. This starts a cycle that leaves Filipino borrowers deep in debt.

Mañana habit

Filipinos have the habit of doing things at a later or more convenient time. When it comes to financial planning, Filipinos may come up with varied reasons why they can’t afford to save, invest, or build a retirement fund early.

However, delaying these things often leads to not getting anything done at all. Thus, Filipinos have a hard time coping with financial problems until the only solution left is to borrow from family, friends, or informal lenders.

Love for celebrations

Filipinos are a fun-loving bunch. We are fond of throwing parties, from birthdays, baptismal celebrations, and Despedida to wedding anniversaries… the list goes on.

Sometimes, the host of the party has to pay for a caterer to make sure that there’s good food and matching drinks to greet the guests. However, this can add costs to party expenses.

While celebrating special occasions is one of the joys in life, hosting parties now and then can be needlessly extravagant.

Irresponsible borrowing

Filipinos are fond of credit. We use credit in throwing celebrations, we use credit in buying the latest gadgets, we use credit in buying whatever is trending, we use credit in taking vacations.

Taking a loan to pay off existing loans makes you more in debt and you’ll be heading to financial disaster.

Final note

There you have it, the money beliefs and behavior towards money that stopping you from achieving financial abundance.

Change whatever you can, your mind is a powerful tool you can use to level up your life. Be Informed. Be hungry. Learn new things and skills you can apply and used to achieve financial abundance.

“If Knowledge is power, learning is your superpower.”

Jim Kwik

You control your life. You control your destiny. Do what you can do today for the better tomorrow.

Hope this helps. Share it.

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