How to know your future

Do you want to see what your future look like?

Look at your colleagues. Those working 5, 10, 20 years in your company. How did they live their lives so far?

Did they drive their car? Commuting to work? Are they struggling in their finances? Or they achieved great things at work?

Your colleagues will be your basis of your future life. If they are struggling to meet ends meet you’re likely be like that too.

If that so, is that kind of future worth it?

My environment

When I start working I knew nothing about personal finance. My finances are all mess up. No savings at hand, no bank account, no investment, no contingency plans. I live my life as a consumer.

Receive a salary today and spend it. Short on money? Borrow money. That’s how my life cycle goes. Sadly, I’m not alone in that kind of life. Most Filipino’s do.

My turning point

I’m getting older, no savings, nothing. I take life easy, no goals to hit, no milestone to get. Just going with the flow.

This limited mindset of mine has been shattered by my long time girlfriend. She makes me feel embarrassed about the things I’ve done so far. You know what? It is really embarrassing to produce nothing even you have a lot of time at your disposal.

If you are like me who love to waste time and money. Please do not be like me at all. You will be disappointed.

She asked me this question, do you really want to marry me? Of course, I answer yes.

She asked me this follow-up question, when would you marry me? I cannot answer. I don’t know what should I say.

She asked me another question if you really want to marry me why I cannot see you trying? My answer? There’s no response. I don’t know what to say. I am guilty.

They say real man doesn’t cry. Maybe you can say I’m not a real man then. 😂 I end up crying at that time.

Yeah. That is my turning point. Simple story but it has a lot of meaning for me. That’s my deepest reason why I change.

Final note

Your deepest why will be your turning point in changing your ways just like what happen to me.

From that time, I learn to observe. I observe my environment and I have a glimpse of my future. I will end up just like my colleagues who live their lives like there’s no tomorrow.

Living a good life with my future wife is just a pipe dream until I change my ways. Following the ways and the mindset of my colleagues will just make me wandered all my life.

I don’t want to retire and make my child my retirement plan. I want to retire wealthy. How do I plan to have that kind of wealth? That will be another story.

See you again in my next post. 😁

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