How do i know that reading is enjoyable

Most of the 90s kids loved to watch anime like Onepiece, Naruto, Bleach, Slamdunk, K.O., Dragon balls and more… and I am one of those anime fanatics out there. Growing up watching and tuning in every episode is like a goal not to missed out.

Who would want to miss it out? Mind you during that time there are no replays when you missed it, you missed it.

Most of the time, each episode will end with “To Be Continued”.

How’s that for a “bitin” ending?
You’ve got to wait again for the next episode the next day or next week.
As frustrating as it can be, we wait for it each time even if it’s a hassle waiting.
At least we enjoy watching it Every time.

Then Internet Comes, you can watch each Japanese episode with subtitles. I watched it up to its latest episode until “to be continued” is there again.

I’ve been fed up with waiting, I just search type in google “Onepiece Episode 501”? I see different blog posts and websites, whereas they talk a bunch of what is coming up next on Onepiece’s “prediction” and other stuff, then I discovered this manga or comics in another term. Onepiece episode 501 is there and there’s a lot of episodes after that, I read it all until no more episode is available, and here I am waiting again for another week. Hmph…


I read manga in, while waiting for the latest episode of Onepiece, I read another manga after another manga after another manga. I’ve got a bunch of it and there’s one manga that I got hooked up named Tales of gods and demons, I spent every free time I got to finished it, as soon as I can.

As usual, when I finished reading the latest episode waiting again next week. I just google and look for more, I Discover it’s Novel counterpart in, I’ve been hooked on it reading it, until no more episode to read, I jump again to another novel and another novel, I am enjoying what I am doing.

I realize that I enjoy reading, provided I like that book or topic that I am reading, I’m interested in reading it.

Do you remember at school your teacher wants you to read a book? Even if you’re not interested? I’ve been there It’s boring I Get it.

That’s why I don’t know that I myself like reading and maybe you too?

Now, I’m currently reading a book that may contain things that I can apply in this life and maybe you should too. Why?

You see, I do experience financial struggle and I’m in the process of changing it. I know of some ways of changing it for the long game and I have the patience to persist for I know what I want in life.

In learning things, it’s not all about reading, you can also listen to audiobooks, videos, and seminars. It’s about learning and applying it in your life and teach it.

That’s what I do learn to teach and I enjoy doing this.

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