Helping hand

Has there been a time when you feel like you want to help someone in need? Extend a helping hand to those who are suffering.

Specifically, in financial aspect. Moral support, food support, prayers, material support too, or anything that might help counts.

How my tithing lead to a helping hand

The story goes like this, they are a family of three; the father, the mother and the child.

The mother suffer from pulmonary disease and always at home taking the house chores. The child is now working somewhere far and earning a minimum wage. The father is a taxi driver. While he’s driving he has been hit by stroke.

The family financial stability has been severely crippled. As the day, weeks and months came by they have been burden by the hospital bills and medication taken by the father.

As I have been in my relative’s house, my aunt opened up that the wife of the man who has been stroke is requesting financial assistance.

As if God is whispering into my ears urging me to give a helping hand.

That time, I am already building up my tithing wallet amounting to 1 month of my monthly salary.

Sharing 65% of my tithing wallet amount, and Saving the rest for other people that might need it. After sharing the blessing, the mother even kiss my cheek to express her thanks and the smile on her face melt my heart.

It felt so great to help, especially, I have not been burden by the blessing I share.

How to build up your tithing fund (helping hand fund)

Basically, you just have to save up 10% of your income. Upon having your income deduct 10% of it and consider it already spent. The money is not yours to spend.

If the amount of your tithing seems kinda small when you start building it up. That’s perfectly fine.

Key to remember, your 10% tithing might be small right now. So what, it will accumulate over time. Accumulate it in a year or two. You will be amazed by the amount that you accumulated that will serve as your blessing to share.

Assuming this is the scenario of you upon building up your tithing fund, you are having a salary of 8, 000 pesos a month. 10% of that is 800 pesos. Multiplied by 12 months, your helping hand is already amounting to 9,600 a year. What more, you still have 13th-month pay. The total amount of your helping hand wallet will be 10,400 pesos that are already a big amount.

Final note

Building up your tithing fund (helping hand fund) is just a matter of priority. And this fund is optional. It is a privilege given by God to you. To offer a helping hand to other people in need.

Sharing your blessing is great. Sharing the knowledge so that you could prepare for the worst and prepare for the future is even better.

Imagine, if the family in the story just prepares for such a possibility of getting sick. They would prepare a health care insurance.

Providing them with the necessary health care that might arise in the future.

People lack financial Literacy, and in this age and time. If you want to survive you should know better and do better.

I hope you are learning.

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