Giving to those asking vs giving to those working

If you helped out. Would you choose someone who just approaches you and ask for money or someone who works for money?

This thought hit me. Normally, we tend to give money in the street out of pity. But should we really pity them? I don’t know. In some cases, we should not pity them at all. Why you asked?

Let’s compare. We, who work from 8-5 and Someone who just waiting to have a portion of our money.

Who do you think earns more?

You, who are working and earning 500 pesos per day and the one who’s waiting for money to come. Would you believe me if I tell you that man or woman you are helping are earning more than you do per day?

What is my basis you asked? Think of this, if you and I, plus another 23 people give out 20 pesos this morning as we pass by to the same person whose asking for a change. When add up that person just got 500 pesos in an instant.

Do find it unfair? That person morning earning is equivalent to your one-day salary in an instant. What’s more, It might be more than what you earn. They stay where people come and go. More people passing by means more money in their pocket doing nothing, just asking.

In social media, there are stories of homeless people“pulubi” who becomes a millionaire by saving money we give out. This is no exaggeration. It’s true.

They’re earning more, without us knowing.

I’m not saying we should never give out money, my point is, should it be them? Are they incapacitated, or they cannot do work due to disability? If not, do you think giving them money worth it?

How about giving money to someone working for it?

You just don’t give work, you give money that can feed their family.

Let me tell you this story, I see someone who repairs shoes near the public market, he is always there when I’m passing by. He looks somewhat 70+ years, and he’s always there even on rainy days. As if waiting for someone who would approach him and asked for a shoe repair.

This got me thinking, he is already old and still working. What if, he won’t have a sale today. No one needs a shoe repair. What will happen to his family? Who would feed them?

I believe. That kind of person should be the one we are helping!

Final note

We should not take advantage of them and get an outright discount. We should give them a tip in their job well done instead.

I hope this article makes you realize who should we be helping and please share this.

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