Financial literacy

At school, our teacher teaches us many things. But why financial literacy is nowhere to be found?

We are shaped by our environment. Living in a place where we are used to handling other people’s money.

I see good employees end up dying broke. I see families live their lives isang kahig isang tuka. I see lotto winners end up broke. I see a lot of people just go with the flow.

Before, I am also a go with the flow guy luckily I have someone who believes in me. A special someone that can see something that I cannot see myself.

Because of her, my life change.

My story

During my teenage days, some people think of me as kuripot. Little that they know, I already spend the money that I have.

They even say ang kj mo naman and my vocabulary is wala akong pera most of the time.

I’m not really into saving money. Even if I do. When I save a significant amount of money, I go and spend it all.

Even when I start working, this habit of mine of spending spree, especially on food, rarely stops.

What changed me

My long time girlfriend, korina. Confronted me asking provoking questions like are you really going to marry me? I don’t even see you trying.

We are together for quite a long time. What are your plans for us? Is there really an us? Do you see yourself with me together living in one roof?

I’m guilty, I don’t know how to answer her. I felt cold water is being poured in me. I have been too comfortable with her by my side.

I have no plans for our future. What I have in mind is a dream. No deadline, no actionable steps to follow, nothing. Just a dream.

That has been the effect of my go with the flow lifestyle. That hurtful moment, ignite a burning desire within me.

I have something to prove for her and for myself. I shall provide for her and the family we will be building.

The start

I start checking out books, e-books, audiobooks, videos, seminars, webinar and more just to seek knowledge.

If knowledge is power, learning is your superpower.

Jim kwik

The more knowledge I got, the more options I can choose from.

As I seek knowledge to improve my life finances, I discover my passion for personal finance and self-development.

The point

Financial literacy is the ability to know what is right for you. The more you know the more options you have. You can have more control over your finances.

Better finances means better control over your life.

I believe in this: when you no longer work for money, you can retire and live the life that you desire.

When money works for you, you decide where your time is spent, you decide what you want to do. Not because you got to, but you want to.

Final note

Control where your money is going, you are in control. Financial knowledge is at your fingertips waiting for you to check them out and use them for your own advantage.

Are you interested to learn more?

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