Earning money is like planting trees

Do you believe in the existence of a money tree? Literally, a tree that grows money? Obviously, such a thing does not exist. A Money tree is a metaphor, which means business, a system, a job or anything that gives money in your pocket with or without you giving time in cultivating it.

There are different types of money trees (money machine). Some need your full attention, some need little attention and some don’t need your attention at all.

Most Filipinos only have one money tree or one source of income throughout their lifetime, that is their job. They give their full attention to their job, neglecting another possible money tree or sources of income that can give them more money.

These days, having one source of income is not enough especially when you’re spending more than what you are earning. Ending up in a cycle of debt.

Don’t get trapped in your circumstances, whatever rut you are right now is just temporary. You harness the power to change your circumstances.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Nido Qubein

It is now the time to change your financial life.

3 stages of life

According to Mr. Rex Mendoza, President, and CEO of Rampver Financials, there are three stages of life that a man should go through. Unfortunately, a lot of Filipinos never get past stage one.  So what are these three stages of life?

Stage 1 – Man at Work – this is the stage where the majority of people start off. After graduation, we all look for a job and start earning money. Day in and day out, we go to work and receive our salaries. We then go enjoy, go eat out, buy clothes, shoes, go on vacation, and so on. So even before we receive our next paycheck, our money supply would already have been almost depleted. This cycle repeats itself.

Stage 2 – Man and Money at Work– this is the stage at which a more financially literate person would have moved up to the second stage and invested part of his earnings which will multiply his money as he still receives his monthly paycheck. This stage is called investing in the future.

Stage 3 – Money at Work – this is the stage at which most taipans are in. A man need not be physically hard at work but his money is working hard to multiply itself in the form of business or investments. 

Unfortunately, a lot of our Filipino brothers get stuck in stage one with no hope of moving up. They are contented with what they have, and they only live in the present. As their earnings grow, their expenses grow proportionately.

So let me ask you. At what stage are you in now? When will you move up?

Moving to stage 2

Changing from Man at Work to Man and Money at Work, to make this shift changing your spending habits is a must. Start saving money instead of spending, create a budget plan and stick to it. Learn how to multiply the money you save.

The more Money Tree you make from your savings the better. Diversify your savings to different investment vehicles that you understand, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

“Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow – perhaps it all will.”

Albert Einstein

Abundance formula

There’s no such thing as a perfect fit or way on how you should save, it totally depends on person to person. 3 Type Savings Formula;

Income-Expenses=Savings. In most cases, Filipinos practicing this formula has little to no savings at the end of the day.

Income-Savings=Expenses. This is a good formula in creating wealth, you will certainly save up money.

Income-Tithing-Savings=Expenses. This formula is mostly followed by Religious groups who believe in giving back god grace, sharing the blessings they receive believing what they give will multiply in some way or another to bless more people. This is the best formula to follow.

Percentage-wise, this formula goes like this:

Income(100%)-Tithing(10%)-Savings Emergency Fund(10%)-Savings(10%)=Expenses(70%).

You might be in shock? You might be thinking; what living only with 70% of my income, 100% is not enough what more make it 70%. Are you insane?

No, I’m not. It is totally doable. You just don’t see what you are capable of managing right now. I’ve been there that’s why I know.

Final note

Earning Money is like planting trees, the more money tree you have the more blessing you get, the more blessings you get the more blessings you share.

Having a lot of money tree will prosper you, your family and the life of the people you share blessings too. Let’s all get to stage three we’re money work for us.

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