Col financial vs rampver in mutual fund investing

Who’s better? COL Financial or Rampver financial in mutual fund investing?

Rampver Financial offers zero load fee or no sales fee every time you top up, all of your investment will go directly to the mutual fund company of your choice. (note: this only applies to IMG members)

Being an IMG member have a lot of perks available to you, especially their unlimited financial literacy seminars, 50k insurance, 100k accident insurance, discount in buying a home, condominium, car, insurances and more. A one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs.

On the other hand, COL Financial is an established stock and mutual fund distributor. It also offers no front end fee or sales load, the same with Rampver financials. You will only pay for a management fee.


Rampver offers an app called seedbox. There you can access your account, and they offer you, goal planner. You can check if you can achieve your financial goal in a specific time frame.

You can open your account at rampver.com/seedbox too. They work the same way. Currently, Rampver seedbox only offers Atram mutual funds. If you want to invest in other mutual funds like Soldivo, Philequity, Sunlife, Philam, First Metro, and Pami you can pay them at IMG’s office or contact Rampver hotline for more information how to fund your mutual fund choice.

COL Financial offers almost the same with Rampver financials except for Soldivo Mutual Fund. They also have the same amount of management fees. By the way, your mutual fund investment will reflect the next day after you buy them.

Connecting your bank account to COL Financial will save you time, you can fund your COL Account online and from their website, you can invest in the mutual of your choice.

So far, COL Financial got it better in accessibility while Rampver Financials got it better in the mutual fund coaching they offer. Heck, you can even contact them about your investment.

Who is better

It depends on who is investing. If you are new in paper asset investing Rampver Financials can lead you and teach you. You can check Rampver financial here.

If you know what you are doing or you are already in stock investing COL Financial is the best for you. Create a COL account or maximize your account’s potential.

Final note

It’s no use funding your account just once. It should be consistent investing, with the right mindset and strategy, your investments will grow. Make yourself grow, the money will follow. The more money you save, the more investment you have, your money will work hard for you.

The more you know, the more you earn.

Your life is the product of your past choices. With money working for you, you will have more choices to choose from. More options for you. You are in control. Take Charge of your life, be someone your future self will be proud of. You are better than yesterday.

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