Cattle investing

Investing in Cattle is another option if you’re looking for investment in the Philippines. This type of investment is old school, my late grandfather has a lot of cattle before, and sometimes I am his helper during my high school days.

I live and grew at Rizal. In our barangay, the common source of income is agricultural products like vegetables, fruits, rice, fisheries and more.

Why did we start investing in cattle

My girlfriend and I are looking for an investment vehicle we can use to prepare for our wedding. I suggest this idea and she agreed. We believe, this investment is a lot better compared to savings account and time deposits.

How good this cattle investment can be?

Our story

My girlfriend and I start investing in cattle(Baka) in November 2018. My father is the caretaker.

We bought a 10 months old male cattle for 24,000 pesos with the help of my father’s friend. My Father also bought pregnant cattle that soon will give birth.

At the start of January 2019, we bought another male cattle for 16,000 pesos. Currently, my father is taking care of 4 cattle at the same time.

November 2019 comes, a friend of my father offers to buy the cattle we bought last November 2018 for 40,000 pesos. Wow, that’s a difference of 16,000 pesos. Supposedly, the profit will be divided into two. For the investor (My girlfriend and I) and my father (the caretaker).

But, we decided to this instead, My father will buy 2 new cattle and the difference will be my father’s commission. I believe that is a good choice because we will have two young cattle, a male and female one that mate. We plan to add more cattle every year.

Advantages of cattle investing

  • Small capital (You can start with 15,000)
  • Low Risks
  • Easy to Manage
  • Good ROI
  • Can be a hobby and leisure while earning money

Disadvantages of cattle investing

  • Return on investment(ROI) may come a bit longer (depends on how the cattle grow or when you sell them)
  • Your money will be parked for a year or more (only used the money you wouldn’t use sooner)
  • Cattle may get sick/accident and other uncontrollable events could happen

Our plans

My girlfriend and I are planning to be married in the year 2023. We believe that the money we will get from investing in cattle will be more than enough to finance our wedding.

Final note

In life, we got to prepare for a lot of things, not just the wedding. Planning for a lot of things, preparing for everything that might happen.

Parang boys scout o girls scout laging handa.”

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