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How can you get out of debt

Most Filipino are fond of using debt to acquire the things they want fast. I know you want to have the things you desire fast too? But, should debt be the only viable way of achieving it? Most of us do not know how to save money that’s why we relied on debt to get…

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Financial literacy

At school, our teacher teaches us many things. But why financial literacy is nowhere to be found? We are shaped by our environment. Living in a place where we are used to handling other people’s money. I see good employees end up dying broke. I see families live their lives isang kahig isang tuka. I…

Manage your money

Zero out your money

This strategy works wonders for me. Imagine you will have invisible money in your budget. This strategy works toe to toe with a budget app. If you don’t record your spending, you will always spend what is left most of the time. You can check out my post top 3 budgeting apps and you can use it…

Grow your money / Manage your money

Kaiser ultimate health builder long-term healthcare product

This is a long-term healthcare product, which includes health and investment benefits for the plan holder. Is Kaiser is a good product to have? Personally, I think that it is. Each one of us, have a different financial situation, available resources, and financial goals. What good investment for me might not necessarily be good for you….

Grow your money / Manage your money

Mb life most 18 multiple option super term life insurance

I’m an active member of IMG since August 2019. If you’re not familiar with IMG, it stands for International Marketing Group. And they’re a Philippine-based global company whose mission is promote financial literacy among Filipino families. Furthermore, IMG is also a financial distribution company. They are partnered with many institutions and runs a financial center for…

Grow your money / Manage your money / Mindset

A simple financial strategy level up your financial life

Many Filipinos struggle financially, not knowing a thing or two in improving their financial life. Some people believe: money is not important. Yet, without money, you are also not important. That’s a rude statement, but true. Do you think without money, you could buy rice? Do you think without money, you could eat 3 times…