Being rich is not measured in what society defines

Society defines, you are a rich person when you own things they believe you should have. It may be a brand-new car, a brand-new house, a branded shirt, literally everything that makes you feel you are rich.

But, Is it really the definition of being rich?

I don’t think so, there are times that you might get jealous and life seems so unfair, other people have the thing you’ve been dreaming of and you do not. I want you to consider this, there are other people who want to have the things that you have.

What do I mean? Look, we tend to envy other people because they have it better than us. Yet, there are also people who got envy from us because we have something that they don’t.

A story of envy

John always rides his bike going to work. He saw Joseph his co-worker riding his car, He feels very discontent. If only I have that kind of car I will be happy.

Joseph always drives his car going to work. He saw his friend, Johnson driving his luxury car. Joseph now feels discontent in his car. He thinks if only I have that kind of luxury car. I will be happy.

As Johnson drove his luxury car, he saw a helicopter own by his boss. Jay. Johnson felt envy, he thinks if only I have a helicopter. I will be happy.

As Jay, sightseeing below, he saw his godchild (inaanak) with his buddy Jolly. He felt very envious for he doesn’t have an offspring. He’s rich but has no child to be with. He thinks if only I have a kid on my own. I will be happy.

As Jolly walk with his son, he saw john rode his bike. He feels down, he also wants one. If only I have a bike I will be happy.

Cycle of envy

The fastest way to kill something special, is to compare it to something else.

We tend to compare our way of living, our belonging to other people whose better of. Unknowingly, We kill the special thing you currently have. It might be a bike like john, comparing his bike to his co-worker’s car.

By comparing, you are losing sight of how blessed and fortunate you have been.

Final note

You are blessed to have whatever you have right now, You might not have realized it. You are already rich in your own way. We all have 24 hours a day. But why? Why they’re richer than us?

All the rich people I know have one thing in common, they live their lives giving value to other people. That’s why they’re Rich. They give on a massive scale.

This blog is made to give value too, giving information, ideas that can be life-changing. This blog might be operating on a small scale right now. Eventually, it will go big. The bigger it gets, the more lives it changes.

Being rich is defined by how many people you change lives for the better. Has there been a time when you have a positive impact on someone’s life? How does that feel? That’s the feeling I am longing for again, on a massive scale that is.

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