My Life Story

Woah! It’s Me and my Jowa

I started my journey towards financial freedom in 2018 after getting verbally beaten up by my long-time girlfriend, realizing that we’re just wasting our time without proper savings to build a family of our own.

I made this online journal so I can pay it forward and help people, especially my fellow Pinoys, who want to pursue wealth and abundance in their lives.

I am still a corporate slave, working 8 hours a day.

Although my job offers decent pay for my time and I can buy the things I need, I’ve always felt that I wanted more time to spend with my family and friends, more time to travel with my loved ones. 

I simply wanted more TIME. To enjoy life. To have the freedom to do what matters to me.

I started looking for answers and found out that if I wanted to have more time to enjoy the life I’ve wanted, I should stop working for money and let money do the work for me.

The concept of passive income suddenly came into my life.

I started reading books, watch financial-related videos on the internet, I changed and improved my financial habits. I learned how to save and invest my money.

After a year, I’ve seen a significant result of my hard work! Looking back, starting, and disrupting my bad financial habits was very challenging.

I’m glad it pays off.

My current savings and investment strategy consists of Cooperative, Stocks, Mutual funds, Health Care Plans, Life insurance, Cattle Investing.

There are still long way to go to have the freedom that I want.

My goal is to finally achieve financial freedom – a life without work, enough money to buy both the things I need and want; and all the time in the world to do whatever my heart desires.


This Story is not to intended to brag, same as you do I’ve started with nothing. My Friend, Start Now and change your financial life – with money at your disposal you can do many things.