Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting this blog. Aldrin Joseph Claudio here. AJ Claudio for short. The owner of this blog website.

I am 26 years old. currently, working as an AutoCAD operator in an energy savings company here in the Philippines.

I am a writer wanna-be. A feeling blogger and an aspiring entrepreneur. I discovered my passion for personal finance along the way of seeking knowledge and opportunities to improve my financial situation.

I also discovered my interest in self-development. Developing good habits for success along the way as I read books, listening to Audiobooks, watching videos, attending seminars that making me grow.

Learning has been a big part of my life, now I am sharing it with you through this blog.

My ultimate goal is to live a simple, happy and fulfilled life. Inspired in the lifestyle of the book millionaire next door where millionaires live like an average person. To provide a better and bright future for my family and spend quality time with them, to be financially free and help others

Like you, I’m just a normal Filipino dreaming to achieve financial freedom. I’m not a financial guru or expert. I’m a financial newbie, I can only share my thoughts, experiences, and opinion.

You may need to seek assistance from a registered financial advisor if you need financial advice. This blog is for information purposes only.

This blog is for those in need of basic knowledge when it comes to their finance and developing good habits.

If you have a question or something that I can help, please send me an email by clicking here.

I created this blog as a diary of mine to financial freedom. I hope this blog could help you reflect, think and take action in solving your very own life and financial problems.

Join me and this blog on our journey to financial independence. Let us all take one step at a time in fulfilling our goals and achieving our dreams.


The blog is created by the author to share basic knowledge about financial literacy, personal finance and mind setting for success that can help you along the way of your journey to financial independence.

Most of the topic is applicable in the Philippines where the author lives. The author may also share personal experiences, points of views and other personal things that might help other people in success and finances and life in general.

Many Filipinos want financial freedom but very few are taking action. If you’re one of us, this blog can help and provide you personal finance tips that you can use in your everyday life towards your financial freedom journey.

I am not an expert. I can only share what I know including my experience and point of view. If you need professional advice, please seek assistance from a registered financial planner to help you out. You may check this blog’s disclaimer and privacy policy for additional information.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to browse, read and learn from this blog. Then take action and improve your life. Don’t forget to share them to inspire and help others too.

To our financial freedom, cheers!