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5 simple financial goals you can set and achieve this year

Many Filipino’s struggles financially not because they lack money but because they don’t know what to do with their money.

“Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it.”

Frank A. Clark

I’ve been there and it’s tough to be in that kind of situation, struggling paycheck to paycheck.

Good thing if you are at it, this cycle can end today. How? Start to change your habit gradually.

Installing a new habit is not easy especially if it is the total opposite of what you usually do. Therefore, do it gradually.

Don’t like vegetables as I do? I have a great solution for that one. Chop those vegetables in small bits and add in fried rice. The idea is inspired to be like chowking’s fried rice. We have been doing change at a pace that we cannot sustain that’s why we fail to continue what we do.

Now you get this idea of gradually changing your habit. Let’s start by gradually changing your finances.

Track your expenses

Another simple yet effective financial goal you can start this year is to track your expenses.

If you’re not doing this, do it this year.

This will help you see where your money goes. List every expense you have and analyze them at the end of the month.

This can also help you start and create your realistic budget.

Additionally, it will help you save more. You see where you can cut some unnecessary spending.

Spend less

This goal is one of the simplest goals you can set and achieve this year. It doesn’t cost you anything. If implemented right, this can hugely impact your finances.

It can help you save more money and increase your savings.

Though it is easy to say, it requires dedication and a lot of self-discipline to attain and achieve.

Open a savings account

Be honest. Do you have a savings account of your own? Or is it your company’s ATM where you get your salary?

If you don’t have a savings account yet, open one this year.

A savings account is a financial instrument you can use and this account should have portion of your emergency fund. You should have some money you can instantly get when such an emergency situation arises even on holiday, weekends or midnight.

If you are looking for an investment vehicle, savings account is not intended for that purpose you can go invest to coop investing, mutual fund investing, cattle investing, stock investing and more. Before you invest in anything where your money is at risk, please know first what you are getting into.

Read financial related book

I read a lot of financial, business and personal development books every year. Not to mention the thousands of online articles I read from blogs.

If you want to learn something new and useful, buying and reading a book is another great way to start.

You can check my post about 5 best personal finance books for beginners and see their idea can change your financial life around.

Attend financial seminar

Attending a financial related seminar is one of the simple financial goals you can achieve this year.

If you’re looking to learn something new this year that is financial-related, attending a seminar is one of the ways to cross it off in your bucket list.

There are many financially related seminars available in the Philippines. Some are paid and most are free.

For example, you want to learn how you can start to improve your financial life this year, Attend IMG’s Building Your Future Seminar and You’ll Discover:

– The Reasons Why Most Filipinos are Poor
– How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation
– The Steps to Financial Security
– How Money Works
– How to Invest in Mutual Funds, Healthcare, Life Insurance, etc.
– Becoming Your Own Money Manager

Okay, i’m interested to attend. What do i do now?

Just fill-up the form below to register.

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Final note

Take charge of your life you should not be in other people’s mercy. Control your financial life and most of your life problems will be taken care of.

The above 5 simple financial goals I shared are useless if you will not take this very important step.

What is that?

Take action.

All goals, all plans, all dreams, all thoughts you have in mind will never bring you results unless you take action.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started“

Mark Twain

So to achieve results and create an impact in your life, you must take action.

Take action. Take action. Take action!

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